Hit the Beach Hit the Beach 02

Winkler ( Elin Winkler )
Verre ( Tom Verre )
Dashow ( Tom Dashow )
Kelley ( Pat Kelley )
Rosales ( Joe Rosales )
Rovainen ( Toivo Rovainen )
Chin ( Jimmy Chin )
Nunnemacher ( John Nunnemacher )
Perkins ( Eddie Perkins )
Sheppard ( Ted Sheppard )
Tygger ( Tygger Graf )
Karno ( Kjartan Arnorsson )
Howell ( Shon Howell )
Sleiertin ( Brigitte Sleiertin )
Brock ( Joyceanna Brock )
Hanrahan ( James Hanrahan )
Sutton ( Brian Sutton )
Smith ( Terrie Smith )
Peregrine ( Stephan Peregrine )
O'Connel ( Brian O'Connel )
D'Anna ( Mario D'Anna Jr. )
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Publication Year
Antarctic Press, United States 
Furry Comic 
Series Name
Swimsuit and Beach themed short comics and pinups

Marked Adult for: Female nipples visibly poking through bikinis, one instance of possible bare nipple.  
Hit the Beach was an annual release black-and-white comic featuring short comics and pinups with a beach setting, on an ocean, lake, or river. First released under Antarctic Press in 1993, "Hit the Beach" continued on for at least 14 issues in 2007.

Hit the Beach featured a large number of artists; this issue features the work of 24 people across 40 pages of content.  
Biblio Notes
Editor: Elin Winkler
Assistant Editor: Shon Howell
Production: mpc and mew

Cover A: Tom Verre
Cover B: Mike Dashow
Frontispiece: Bryce Nakagawa

Page 2: Pinup, by Pat Kelly
Page 3: "Amphriste & the Great General", by Joe Rosales
Pages 4-6: Pinups, by Michelle Light
Pages 7-8: Pinups, by Toivo Rovainen
Page 9: "Beach & Moan". Pencils by Jimmy Chin, Inks by John Nunnemacher, Writing by Both.
Page 13-15: Pinups, by Eddie Perkins
Page 16: Pinup, by Ted Sheppard
Pages 17-18: Pinups, by Tygger Graf
Page 19: "Mink pinup", by Karno
Page 20-21: Pinups, by Shon Howell
Page 22: "Lotion Potion" by Castiglia, Sleiertin, Morals, and Nakrosis
Page 25: "Bammby Slander pinup", by Brigitte Sleiertin
Page 26-27: Pinups, by Joyceanna Brock
Page 28: "Pink Soft Cream pinup", by James Hanrahan
Page 29: "Eureka pinup", by Brian Sutton
Page 30: "Shanda Section", by Light, Smith, and Brock
Page 33-34: Pinups, by Dog Will Hunt
Page 35: "Dracaena", by Stephan Peregrine
Page 37: Pinups, by Brian O'Connell
Page 38: Pinup, by Mario D'Anna, Jr.
Page 39: "Angora Pinup", by Bryce Nakagawa
Page 40: Pinup, by Mike Dashow  
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